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Spinal Infections and Trauma

Spinal infections include spondylitis, discitis, spondylodiscitis, and epidural abscess and are caused by various microorganisms. Bacterial infections of the spine are the most common type of infection in this group.Infections are often carried through the blood stream into vertebrae. For infection, some groups of patients are at risk such as those who smoke, have malnutrition, or any disease causing immune system disorder, such as those on chemotherapy, transplant patients, patients with diabetes, those who abuse drugs, and those who have undergone urinary system operation. An infection can occur after the surgery.

Symptoms of Spinal Infections:

The most important symptom of spinal infections is a severe pain developed without a history of trauma. Making a diagnosis can be therefore delayed. Symptoms of the infection include fever, fatigue, headache, cervical stiffness, swelling of surgical wound, sensitivity, redness, and discharge.

Patients sometimes can feel numbness of arms and legs, loss of sensation, and weakness of muscle strength. Progressed and untreated cases can experience urinary and faecal incontinence, and complaints leading to paralysis.